outdoor LED light MAXIMA


The robust design of the series MAXIMA is made except for the cover and mounting systems from a single piece of aluminum with massive cooling fins and exterior powder coated RAL colour. The light active part is composed of 2 diodes multichips COB US company Cree (standard CXA2530), whose luminous flux is directed to the desired angle glass lens Czech production. Total Solutions Lighting Fixtures active part limited to the minimum possible production of light pollution and the possibility of expanding the effective routing light not only bend the boom, but also a continuous shooting two glass lenses. Using a construction with two COB multichips lowers their temperature and operating load and extends not only durability, but also increases the power density. The sealing elements are of a silicone ring around the periphery of the light housing and two waterjet carved silicone profiles on the underside and upper side of the lens. Power LED provides high-quality and proven controllable source of the company Mean Well. MAXIMA is designed for locations at heights from 8 to 12 meters with a recommended output of 50 W -100W. Enclosure is IP66 Dimensions 400 (600 including the boom articulation) × 250 × 44 mm, weight 5.9 kg.


Technical specification of MAXIMA light

Supply voltage: 230V (90 to 264V) / 50Hz (47 to 63Hz)
Total power consumption: 65W
LED Power consumption: 60W
Power factor: about 0.88 (Active PFC)
LED: 2 x Cree CXA2530
Total luminous flux for 60W: 5860lm (4000K) to 8020lm (6500K)
Color temperature: 4000, 5000, 6500K or by appointment
Color rendering index: 70 to 95, depending on type
Angle sunshine: approximately 45 × 115 °
Illuminated area: approx 8 x 45 meters (the height of 10 m above the surface)




Fotogalerie - outdoor LED light MAXIMA

LED light type Maxima - bottom view LED light type Maxima - top view LED light type Maxima - bottom view - active part

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