outdoor LED light VARIA


The lightweight design of the series VARIA is made in addition to the mailbox at the source, cover and mount the system from a single piece of aluminum fins and without external powder coated RAL colour. The lighting fixtures active part series Varia consists led US company Cree chips (basic version 4 × XM-L connected on the PCB), whose luminous flux is directed to the desired angle, four special plastic lenses companies Ledil that allow easy replacement when the whole spectrum of possible variations of light characteristics. Is it possible to offer lights with two printed circuit boards and the possibility of shooting lens modules. Standardly used lenses Strada 2 × 2-DWC on one platform. Sealing elements are silicone ring around the perimeter of the light housing and clipboard at the source, around the optical module are two waterjet carved silicone profiles. Power LED provides high-quality and proven resource firms Mean Well placed on top of the luminaire in the source mailbox from aluminum sheet. VARIA luminaire is designed for placement at altitudes 4-8 ms recommended output of 10-40 W. Enclosure is IP66, dimenzions 400 (600 including the boom) × 250 × 15 mm, the auxilliary box 200 × 120 × 50 mm, weight 3.9 kg .


Specifications of  VARIA light

Supply voltage: 230V (90 to 264V) / 50Hz (47 to 63Hz)
Power consumption: 32W
LED Power consumption: 28W
Power factor: about 0.88 (Active PFC)
LED: XM-L, 4 pieces
Total luminous flux of LED: 3220lm (hot lumen at an ambient temperature of 22 ° C)
LED efficiency: 115lm / W
Color temperature: 4900K (optional or otherwise)
Color rendering index: more than 70
Angle sunshine: 70 × 150 ° (typ Street), 150 × 150 ° (typ Park)
Illuminated area: approx 9 × 50 m (typ Street), about 50 × 50 m (typ Park)
(Data are valid at a height of eight meters above ground)
Color rendering index: 70 to 95, depending on type
Angle sunshine: approximately 45 × 115 °
Illuminated area: approx 8 x 45 meters (the height of 10 m above the surface)




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Varia - bottom view Varia - top view Varia - bottom view

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