References - Power factor correction


Seps - TSO - slovakian national transmission grid

substation Stupava - transformer station 400/110kV

I. stage delivery of 6 pcs of shunt reactors 15Mvar 10kV + 3 pcs current limiting reacotrs  5000A ( delivery 2006 )

II. stage delivery of 6 pcs of shunt reactors 15Mvar 33kV 90Mvar ( delivery 2013 )



Ceps - TSO - czech national transmission grid


substation Sokolnice 400/220/110kV delivery of shunt reactors 3 pcs of 30Mvar - total 90Mvar 33kV

current limiting reactors for tertiary outlet ( 12kV ) for auxilliary supply of own consumption  - 250A, 150A

substations: Týnec, Sokolnice, Albrechtice, Krasíkov, Řeporyje, Kletné, etc




ŽSR - Slovakian Railways


Implementation - delivery of power factor correction components for 8 stations  for Slovak Railways - filter compensating equipment 2 x 6Mvar (3rd and 5th harmonic filter and  thyristor controlled reactors - shunt reactors )


substations 110/25kV:

Galanta, Zohor, Jablonica, Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Trnava, Banska Bystrica, Kozárovce, Hronská Dubrava, Púchov  (2015)

Ceps - TSO - czech national transmission grid

Tertiary shunt reactors - air core reactors substation Reporyje 3 pcs 15Mvar on 12kV ( delivery 2014 )

Tertiary shunt reactors - air core reactors substation Chodov 3 pcs 15Mvar on 12kV ( delivery 2015 )



SLOVALCO - aluminuim factory - filters for 120kV grid


Our company, in cooperation with slovakian company ALSTOM successfully in late 2014 commissioned a unique filter compensating equipment for one of Slovakia's largest energy consumer Slovalco Žiar nad Hronom. There are two passive filters tuned on 5th and 11th harmonic. Performance of both filters is equal 64Mvar at a voltage of 120kV and filters are fixed due to stabil consumption of electric power  - so without regulation.

Subject od contract were the following services:

1) design of main components of filter compensating equipment -  (capacitors, reactors )

2) supply and installation of individual elements (through subcontractors)

3) supply and installation of protections ARCTEQ - with the possibility of evaluating individual harmonic currents = overload protection filters

4) project documentation, technical supervision

5) measurement of total harmonic voltage distortion THDU and its evaluation

6) considering of switching transients of SF6 chambers 110kV circuit breakers - existing 110kV gas insulated substation GIS 

7) assessment - models impedance characteristics of the circuit (existing and new filters ) and network models for different operating modes and power consumption + power quality metering before / after refurbishment.


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